WLG Statement

For 8 minutes and 46 seconds, George Floyd begged to be able to breathe and cried out for his mama. 

There are no words strong enough to express our outrage, anguish, and horror at the murder of George Floyd and all the endless years of systemic racial violence that precede it. Women Leading Government is committed to equality, and the treatment of our Black sisters and brothers violates every value that we stand for. We must do better.

We must remember their names. We are leaders in government and must do more than speak out. We must act now to bring about change. 

We stand in solidarity with the Black community. 

Women Leading Government Executive Board
President Sarona Vivanco                                  Vice President Marcella Marlowe
Treasurer Amy Chang                                            Secretary Antonia Castro-Graham
Board Member Heather Abrams                    Board Member Valerie Barone
Board Member Ashwini Kantak                      Ex Officio Pat Martel
Immediate Past President Lori Sassoon